Introducing: Hawaiian Gremlins

hawaiian gremlins

Not much has been disclosed about secretive Mexico natives Hawaiian Gremlins, other than a Facebook description in which they declare themselves “teenage deadbeats who don’t have anything to do on Saturday evenings.” An image of high school flunks playing FIFA and passing round a bottle of flat Frosty Jacks immediately springs to mind – never fear though – their music sounds mature enough to have been created by industry pros.

From the three songs uploaded to their Soundcloud page – all swirling beats, doused, hazy vocals and synth slides – they evoke a clear comparison to New York four piece DIIV. Latest release ‘Mogwai Love’ opens with a washed out, beachy guitar rhythm before a distant, lazy vocal slurry floods over a pool of oceanic chords. ‘Lonely Gizzy’ combines hazy twangs and sea-spray splashes of percussion whilst the aptly named ‘Don’t Feed Me After Midnight’ contains eerie vocals and heavy breathing, well suited to the creepy ’84 horror flick from which it takes it’s inspiration, fused with undulating surf riffs.

With the spectral sighs and wooziness of Wild Nothing’s 2010 album ‘Gemini’ thrown into the mix, the Gremlins are sure to be making some waves on the lo-fi, surf-pop scene in the near future.

Written by Laura Eley

Have a listen to all three tracks below, grab a free download of ‘Mogwai Love’ and head over to facebook to throw these mexican dudes some support. 

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