LULS on tape @ Southampton Joiners

London based 3 piece LULS have been causing quite a ruckus in the new music scene of late with their epically channelled and psychedelically infused noise. FSFYM’s Laura Eley caught up with Shaun from the band ahead of their gig supporting Theme Park at Southampton’s joiners to chat band names, new releases and how he loves a good conga line…

LULSSo a ‘lull’ is either ‘a relatively calm interval; to cause sleep or rest’ or something pretty rude in Danish (which you should probably google). LULS the band though neither produce sounds to soothe you into a state of restfulness nor, on the basis of this interview, do they seem to possess the characteristics of what it is to be this delightful snippet of Danish. Shaun goes on to explain how “none of us are Danish. [The name] just came from just going a bit mental, over thinking it -you know when you confuse yourself?

It seems it’s not just the genesis of a band name that prompts some philosophical introspection from Shaun as things got a little existential when asked to ponder what else his future may have held…; “if I wasn’t in a band right now, as in right now, I’d be at home wondering was this the life I was destined for? Will it pick up from here? Will I ever find love? Will love ever find me? That was personally. If I wasn’t in a band jobwise I dunno. As a small child my life ambition was to be a dinosaur.”

This sparks a whole debate about Jurassic park and the impracticalities of being a Shaun LULSdinosaur; “Volociraptor’s strong, of all the Jurassic park movies Velociraptor does shine. Triceratops is strong, Pterodactyl’s strong, T Rex has a lot of grooming issues- I don’t know how I’d feel about having legs that long and arms that short,” before he eventually arrives at a vaguely normal answer: “If I wasn’t in a band I’d probably be involved in illustration.

The decision to sing and play guitar with vox/bassist Adam and drummer Ben, thus forming LULS, was a good choice we reckon. “A friend of mine had a band and I saw that band and thought they were okay. And then another friend said ‘now they’ve got a new bass player and drummer, go see that band- your mind will be blown’. So I went and I was bitterly disappointed and that’s how I met Adam who plays bass and then I met Ben kinda similarly.

What sprung from that was the first crushing riff-laden release ‘Swing Low’ and more recently the equally compelling ‘Never Let It Go’, showcasing their trademark super-catchy refrains over reverberating bass-soaked pools of sound. “We do all the creation in my bedroom – obviously a lot happens in my bedroom. Mostly sleeping, potentially a little bit of crying, and y’know some comfort eating – that sort of thing. So when I’m not busy doing that we make music and that’s inspired by a lot of epic highs followed by crushing lows.

LULS liveFor a band who’ve been together less than a year and who are creating music on a bedroom sized scale, this makes for a pretty epic show. Sauntering on stage without introduction, they blast through the two releases and their B-sides with so much gusto the front row-ers feared for their lives a little – especially when Adam started wielding his guitar around. They make an incredible amount of noise for three guys and appear to have that special something – maybe its their stage presence, maybe its their captivatingly pieced together set – but something definitely screams ‘we’re going to be huge’ . As well as their previous releases the band played some new tracks which we hope will blossom onto the internet soon. “There’s an EP that’ll be out I think in June and I think after that will be an album. I don’t think we’re the kind of band that can write twelve songs and are like that’s the album, that’s not really our vibe we just write songs and then hopefully culminate the best ones.”

Having already toured with the likes of Spector and Swim Deep, we’re sure it won’t be long before LULS are playing headline shows to adoring fans. “Every time we tour with someone different the vibe’s really different so we toured with Spector – there were quite a few conga lines. The conga line is a very under used event at a party. After that we went on tour with Crystal Castles for a bit – that was amazing.”

LULS obviously draw from many influences but what would be the first song on Shaun’s LULS never let it gomixtape?  “If I were to compile a mixtape I would compile a mixtape for my 13 year old self. Actually I’d have my 13 year old self compile a mixtape for me now and it would be the strongest elements of Nu Metal you’ve ever heard.” Before flipping this answer entirely on its head; “actually I would choose – what’s that Christina Millian song? Dip it Low.” Besides a bit of Christina, he recommends “a band called Pale – they recently supported Sky Ferreira so they are ones to watch.”

Normally when bands are asked where they’d like to be in a year’s time they respond either with something overly optimistic like ‘headlining Glastonbury’ or the generically modest ‘to just be the best we can be.’ Shaun however replies “in two words some success. In three words: not to fail.” From the show they put on tonight, there’s not a chance of failure – they’re one of those bands who make an instant impression, a captivating appearance, a noise so loud and fervent it’s kind of endearing, leaving you with two slightly perforated eardrums but feeling as though you’ve witnessed the start of something great.

Written by Laura Eley

LULS’ UK tour drew to a close on Saturday but you can listen to both their big singles below, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be waiting that long to hear them absolutely everywhere…

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