Wolf Alice – Fluffy

Wolf Alice - Fluffy

As December drew to a close it seemed the only thing anyone felt like doing was making a bunch of lists and then circulating them in a fashion similar to when a teacher couldn’t be bothered to mark tests at school so you switched papers amongst the class. Well this afternoon many a list maker will be giving themselves a big tick and a sticker next to London based Wolf Alice who have wasted no time in delivering their promised ‘big things’ in 2013.

New single ‘Fluffy’ has been whipping up a frenzy since its arrival on the internet today and justifiably so. Soon to be released via ChessClub Records (who are also home to Swim Deep) it’s a jagged, raucous affair which grabs you by your lapels as lead singer Ellie Rowsell headbutts you in the face and then takes you for milkshake. Her vocals crash and swoon between the assaulting and the charming as she drags you along whilst “searching for cheap thrills the way I know how”. 

Having spent the back end of 2012 kicking it with Peace during their UK tour and putting out ‘Leaving You’, quickly championed by the NME, expectations for the year ahead were naturally building. Who knew they would be smashed so soon by this fusion of the delicate and the bruising.

I made a list today; ‘Bands who are putting out cacophonous yet classy records with pictures of copulating dogs on’. Wolf Alice are the only band on it…

Written by Joe West

*Wolf Alice will be playing the Sunflower Lounge in Brum on the 23rd of February with support from Wide Eyed and Hoopla Blue. I have no doubt they will tear the place up so get your tickets here now through our amigos Birmingham Promoters.

Fluffy is officially released on Chess Club Records February 11th but you can listen to it below and pre order the limited edition 7″ vinyl here.



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